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Wiley’s Finest

Wiley’s Finest all natural Omega-3 fish oil products are made in America from sustainable wild-caught Alaskan Pollock and purified and packaged in Ohio.

Although choosing a Fish Oil brand can seem overwhelming, Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil makes the choice simple with American made, sustainable, and concentrated Omega-3 products. Wiley’s Finest is dedicated to quality, transparency, and sustainability by offering the only full line of NSF® Contents Tested and Certified Fish Oil supplements to ensure exceptional quality and safety for our customers.

NSF® International is a Nonprofit Organization based in Ann Arbor, MI and has been a Recognized Global Leader since 1944. The testing process consists of testing products to ensure they meet label claims and standards (which are more rigorous and difficult than standard FDA cGMP requirements), inspecting/auditing cGMP facilities, and certifying products, components, ingredients, and equipment.

The NSF® Contents Tested & Certified mark on our products is your assurance that the product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today. Each and every formula is independently certified by NSF® to meet label claim for its nutrients and is tested to be safe from harmful contaminants. Wiley’s Finest is proud to offer a line of exceptional quality supplements that stand out as an industry leader in third party GMP certification and testing.


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