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Apex Energetics Fibromin K25

Fibromin™ helps support the colon, sugar metabolism, and lipid metabolism.* This formula’s key ingredients include guar gum and high-quality, standardized flaxseed bran. Generally, dietary fibers, especially those that are water soluble, may affect the stomach’s emptying, its rate of carbohydrate digestion, and its absorption.* Fiber increases the bulk of stool, facilitating the transportation of waste outside of the body.*

Fibromin is recommended for those wanting a better blood sugar control and healthier colon function.  Fibromin provides insoluble fibers that promote three vital functions: healthy colon bacteria, help with blood sugar uptake modulation, and support of healthy lipid metabolism.  Fiber is a diverse group of compounds essential for human health.  They include lignans and complex carbohydrates, that cannot be digested by human enzymes in the small intestine.

The average American diet including those who think they eat pretty well, is woefully deficient in fiber.  Decreased fiber consumption may increase the risk for some immune compromises as well as promote illness. Fiber provides blood glucose-stabilizing properties and prevents insulin surges, and the use of fiber has proven helpful in several health-related stress.

This product provides a rich spectrum of insoluble fibers that support healthy colon bacteria, normal blood sugar uptake, and healthy lipid metabolism.  Fiber consists of a diverse group of compounds, including lignans and complex carbohydrates, that cannot be digested by human enzymes in the small intestine. Practitioner consultation required.


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