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Apex Energetics Brain-E DHA Cherry (K55)

Brain-E DHA Cherry is formulated to provide a combination of fatty acids necessary for optimum brain development and protection. People need different amounts of DHA and EPA depending on their particular problems.

The brain prefers this higher 14:1 ratio of DHA to EPA. Intestines tend to do better with a higher ratio of EPA to DHA. If you have general inflammation that shows up as allergies or autoimmune problems you can take Metagenics EPA DHA 6:1 in the morning and Brain-E DHA at night. This formulation is ideal for children and for those who have trouble taking capsules

Brain-E™ DHA supports the brain with a formula of essential fatty acids.* This product can be used by all ages, and its liquid form makes it especially useful for people who have difficulty ingesting supplements.* This formula includes 1200 mg of DHA derived from omega-3 fish oil. It also incorporates phosphatidylcholine and is an excellent source of vitamin E.

This product is formulated to provide the essential fatty acids the brain requires for membrane fluidity, synaptogenesis, neuronal structural integrity, dendritic growth, and healthy microglia. It can be used by all ages and is especially useful for those who have difficulty digesting supplements, such as children and senior citizens. This product may be useful as a nutritional support for learning, memory, brain health, or for those who want a fundamental essential nutrient for brain function.

Provides a high concentration of DHA to EPA (14:1) to support healthy brain function, Provides rich sources of phosphatidylcholine to support neuron and brain health
Provides rich sources of sesamin and sesamolin to support healthy microglia balance. Practitioner consultation required.


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